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Recently this past month in June, I hired Cortez Tree Service to remove 3 pine trees and an oak tree. Our contract stated that all trunks, limbs, branches, trash, etc.

would be removed with no damage. I have to say I was very satisfied and pleased with their work. They were very quick and efficient and most importantly they got the job done and at an affordable price, which made me really happy. I had no house damage, land damage, no problems.

Great company, hard workers and very skilled. I definitely recommend this tree company for anyone looking to get tree work done fast and at a reasonable price.

Cortez Tree Service in Memphis, Tennessee - Very dissapointed in their service


Cortez Tree Removal Service removed our tree on Friday, October 29th and it's now Tuesday, November 2nd and the entire tree is still sitting in our front yard. He still left a large amount of stump.

He will not answer his phone or return our calls. We have been calling him for four days. And of course our newly seeded lawn is dying from the huge stumps and debris sitting on the grass. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

I just hope hiring someone to remove the tree doesn't cost us a lot of money. He still hasn't come to collect his money.

Cortez Tree Service Atlanta, Ga

Not resolved

I am posting this review since you can't find any reference or information about this service company. I hired Cortez Tree Service to remove 5 pine trees in my backyard. The contract specifically said that they would remove all lumber and trash and bring a dump of dirt to level the yard. The group of individuals, removed the pine trees and instead of taking with them all the pieces of tree trunk and limbs they pilled some of them (hundreds) in the corner where the yard needed to be leveled and added dirt on top of it to hide them.

Prior to starting the job, Mr. Luis Cortez agreed on removing all the wood debris from the tree stumping. He never mention to me his "change of mind" and brought the person to stump the tree leaving all the debris on top of the left over trunks and limbs, making impossible to even reach them. When he came to get his money, we asked him, is your job done here? He said "yes" we completed everything. My husband started digging on the debris, finding several limbs, and pieces of trunks that were 5 feet long with a diameter of 15 inches. When we showed it to him, he seem suprised saying that he didnt see those before, well, there were not 1 or 2 huge pieces, but hundreds, the more we dig the more we found. The dirt and wood debris has already harden and its almost impossible to remove them. I called him to tell him to please remove them and complete his job and I am still waiting for him and his crew to come back.

I dont want someone else to make the same mistake. I tried to google his service before I started working with him and no one has giving him any reviews.

We are now having to hire our people to remove the limbs and pieces of tree before we can do anything to our yard.



Cortez Tree Service just completed its third job of tree removal for me. In each of those jobs, Cortez did excellent work. The firm’s first job was to remove two large trees very near my home. They offered to do so at a price that was around 40% less than two other bids I received and provided a copy of their business insurance. They removed the trees with no property damage and left no trash.

That successful work led to my engaging them for two other jobs. In the last job they removed three very large trees, six smaller trees, and three 5 to 8 foot stumps. All trees and stumps were cut to the ground and all cuttings removed.

I was very pleased with their work and cost. I have recommended them to three other neighbors who have used them and found their work excellent.



I had no issue. They were affordable, fast and did a good job.


You r lucky you for stood up. You prob saved youswlf a lot of money. Fixing what he did to us costs us another 3grant.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #120665
If you don't mind being stood up I recommend Cortez. :? It is now 1:OOpm and my appointment was at 11:15am----Mr. Luis Cortez obviously does not care about his reputation.

first of all does your state require these kind of service companies to do work without being bonded or licensed, or insure . I would highly look into such information if the state requires it.

Some states require this.

Also were these people legal to do work here? .Alot of so called day laborers are using the system and fraudulently taking jobs away from the real legal worker??

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